Who Came To Help

University groups have come to provide services, workshops, and training:

Boston College
alternative education

Rutgers University
English camps

St. Joseph University
workshops in microbiology and dermatology

San Diego University
medical checkups for adolescents and workshops on various medical themes

Siena Heights University
English camps and computer workshops

Barry University
English camps, and arts, crafts and music

Contact us if you are interested in bringing a group from your school to work with us.


Maryann Supan, O.P.
methods of education

Juanita Flores, O.P.
methods of education

Roberta McMullan, S.C.

Colleen Lewis
Basketball as a Mission camps

Dr. Susan Bonnell
University of San Diego



Websites of collaborators and contributors

Adrian Dominican Sisters

Boston College

Rutgers University

Fe y Alegría

St. Maurice at
Resurrection Catholic Church
Dania Beach, Florida

Caldwell Dominican Sisters

Medical groups from University of San Diego

Basketball as a Mission

Barry University

Siena Heights University

RayJon Share Care
one of the first supporters and fund-raisers

Rotary Clubs of Chatham, Ontario and Ocoa and Bani D.R.

Our Story Today

from the meeting under a tree in 1992...to the summer of 2010... we've come a very long way...

The community has changed

The community of Sección San José (formerly Cruce de Arroyo Hondo) now has some 900 families. It is a model of organization and cooperation, of which the residents are very proud. Health has notably improved; residents seldom use the water from the irrigation ditch in their homes. And undernourished babies are few.

Our Graduates, School, and Staff

Our school is now known as Espíritu Santo Fe y Alegría. About 620 students have graduated from eighth grade in the last 8 years, and 75% of graduates go on to high school. Of our high school graduates, 20% go on to study at the university. The students have consistently passed national examinations with a higher than national average rate of success. For several years 100% of the students passed on the first try. Four of our graduates are now on our staff. Each year 220 pre-schoolers “graduate” from the Early Childhood Program.

Sister Basilia and Sister Eneida

Our 1,600 students are happy; the teachers are university graduates, qualified and certified; the 67 member staff is professional and caring. Basic salaries and books are provided by the national government. The library, woodworking shop, and computer labs are excellent.

In 2006 two Sisters native to the Dominican Republic came to work in the high school. They are Sister Eneida Santiago and Sister Basilia de la Cruz. Basilia is the principal of the high school. Eneida is the guidance counselor.

Sección San José was presented as a model of community-school relations at international Fe y Alegría conferences in Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil in 2007 and 2008.

Health Services

Juana Franco,
Health Services Administrator

The pharmacy and medical laboratory continue to provide low-cost service to the community. The well-baby clinic offers pre-natal and post-natal care to mothers and children up to 4 years of age. A community healthcare worker keeps track of families, does health education, and monitors the vaccination program. The general medical doctor cares for older children and adults. A nutrition program gives a daily meal to all the students. Service groups (dentists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, plastic surgeons, etc.) from the US and from Canada have provided checkups and referrals for all of our students and their families.

Alternative Energy

Solar panels on the school roof

Our computer laboratory and administration building are powered by solar energy, and we have a plan for training community residents in the use of solar energy. In addition, a partnership between a group in the US and Sección San José is in place: One can offset her/his carbon footprint by helping Sección San José become less dependent on the costly, erratic hydro-electric power system.


The developments over the years in our school and our community occurred because of the extraordinary collaboration of many individuals, organizations, and governmental offices. We are counting on you to become a partner and collaborator and to help us write the next chapters in the story.