Mission Statement:

Centro Fe y Alegría Espíritu Santo identifies itself as an organization committed to the accompaniment of the marginated community of Cruce de Arroyo Hondo (Sección San José) in its struggle for a life of dignity.

It is devoted to the Gospel call to act justly and love tenderly while promoting access to quality education, health services and a life-sustaining environment.

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This is a story about the people who live in a place once known as El Cruce de Arroyo Hondo in the Dominican Republic. It's a story about transformation and empowerment, about making the impossible possible. It is about what can happen when individuals, organizations, institutions, and governments cooperate and collaborate for the common good.

It is, above all, a story of grace. And you can be part of it.

In 1992 the 220 families of “the Cruce” lived in impoverished conditions. Malnourished children were a common sight. There were with no health services available. Most of the adults were illiterate. There was no school for the children.

In 2010, our 1,540 students--220 pre schoolers, 1,100 elementary students, and 220 high schoolers--are receiving a quality education. Students and their families have access to health care services--a pharmacy, a medical laboratory, a well-baby clinic, and dispensaries--that were non-existent nineteen years ago.

How did all that happen? Read on! Our story begins....

Map of the Dominican Republic highlighting the location of Sección San José, formerly known as El Cruce de Arroyo Hondo.